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aBenção – San Francisco

style in motion

Style in motion

Fashion is this crazy and exciting metamorphosis invented and reinvented with each new season. The trends we love to comment on, love and wear renew closets, tastes, and styles in this creative movement. But bringing from the catwalks to our day-to-day a print, modeling, or color with more daring airs is not always an easy task. From our constant commitment to translating this diverse and yet timeless fashion, another aBenção collection was born, with all the elements that will make the hearts of the fashionists on duty beat stronger in the next Fall/Winter season! Of course, the usual comfort and quality are still present, and this time we bring even more daring with irreverent colors, striped patterns, and a unique mix of wefts and textures, in addition to cuts and shapes that give a new face to the knits we love so much.


Leonardo Bartelle

Suélen Biazoli

Silas de Abreu

Felipe Paim

Leticia Vigna

Coroline Oliveira

Ramone Marmentini


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Concept Photos

We made a plan to take the photos in the predetermined places before our trip. We mapped all the locations with the day and time for each shot. In 3 days with 18 to 20 looks a day, we finished the job. The idea was to take a very young photo in each place, with all the technology and elegance that Benção has. San Francisco is one of the most touristic cities in the USA and the most up to date with the world’s technologies, so it was a perfect choice, with the face of blessing, young, modern and with a lot of style on the move.

We created a magazine with the products and photos of the new collection and sales material for aBenção representatives.

We divided the magazine into concepts, with a name for each one. Our idea was to show the different concepts of the brand and how they can be used daily, showing that Style is always on the move.

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