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With the need to increasingly focus on the digital environment, it is crucial to think about the skills that every area needs to have in order to succeed in Digital Marketing actions:

-Search engine optimization: marketing teams must know how to optimize the company’s presence on the web, especially on Google;

-Analytics: knowledge of Google Analytics and data analysis provides daily and monthly progress reports of the area’s goals and objectives;

-Social Media: Digital Marketing requires teams to be up to date on social media platforms to invest in new trends;

-Paid Media Platforms: Most companies use Google Ads to promote your brand in the digital environment, in addition to Facebook Ads, Pinterest Ads, Twitter Are, Linkedin Ads, Instagram ADs, programmatic media, display media, among others.

-Website optimization: identifying problems on the website can increase your conversion rates and consequently the company’s revenue and customer satisfaction.

When we talk about working with more traditional marketing demands, other skills are more critical:

-Writing and communication: Marketing teams need to write press releases, blogs, and advertising texts;

-Creativity: many companies need creative thinking to build new marketing campaigns;

-Negotiation: buying media and building other strategies requires negotiating with suppliers for a better price or positioning;

-Budget: Marketing managers must stick to a budget and prioritize allocation across multiple channels;

-Planning and Execution: Long-term planning and tracking execution are crucial to launching marketing strategies. It is up to professionals in the management area to lead the construction of teams to contemplate all these fundamental aspects to carry out the deliveries in the area.

Marketing is a fundamental activity for the economic and operational success of companies. It is the vital link between producers and consumers. It is primarily responsible for keeping the wheels of production and consumption in constant motion, running at their optimal speed.

A digital marketing plan defines what the client wants to accomplish within a given time frame towards a set of business objectives. The plan focuses on the marketing tactics that will help the Client company engage the target audience with a cohesive experience. To accomplish this phase accordingly, there is a need to set up face to face meetings with the executives and technical professionals.
A digital marketing plan is an essential tool. During this phase, the discussions will target a specific audience and identify that audience’s needs, interests and pain points that will help deliver a more effective plan in achieving the marketing objectives of a Client. In the end, it is essential to understand how the company is performing in each online channel, taking into account the strategies and objectives, such as: conversion, engagement, sales, etc. The sales funnel metrics are the most important because they quickly show how much the investment in Digital Marketing is offering in return for the business.

In this phase, the digital marketing plan will be created and it will contain several areas, as follows:

– Objectives – The objectives are what we will use to measure the success or failure of the digital marketing strategy.

– Buyer Persona – The buyer person is a portrait of the ideal client, which helps focus the product/service and guide all the segmentation of the brand. Sometimes it may be necessary to define more than one profile if there are product lines for different types of people.

– Content Plan – A good plan should outline what kind of content will be created and how the client is going to distribute it among the target audience. The client can define different formats and create a content calendar that helps with planning.

– Keywords – Keywords are the backbone of SEO, SEM, and all the content that will create and follow specific parameters.

– Platforms – The world of social media offers many platforms where the client can promote a brand, but it is always better to focus on those that are most adapted to the objectives and the audience. Therefore, include the different social networks and media that will be used and the objectives to be achieved with each one of them.

– Calendar – It explains not only dates, but who does what, how, when and in which digital platform it is done.

– KPIs and Measurement Strategy – Now that the objectives are defined, it is necessary to to “translate” them into key metrics or KPIs. For each key metric, set a monthly, weekly, or even daily goal and establish what controls will be used to make sure the execution is on the right track.

– Contingency Plan – Finally, this question must be answered: what will happen if the goals are not reached?

This is the phase when all the actions are put into practice, such as, but not limited to:
– Website redesign
– Facebook campaign
– Instagram campaign
– LinkedIn campaign
– Twitter campaign
– YouTube campaign
– Pinterest campaign
– Email marketing and remarketing

Once the campaigns are live, the next step is to analyze the results and all relevant metrics in each one of the platforms. This is a process that requires constant action and interaction with the client with additional face to face meetings. It is essential to understand how the company is performing in each online channel, considering the strategies and objectives, such as: conversion, engagement, sales, etc.




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Vince Angel

Creative Director

I worked for nine years at Wieden + Kennedy, Portland and 15 years as a partner in my own agency. In 2012 I started a new advertising experience called Young&Hungry, San Francisco. The agency is staffed by young interns, and that is where I first met the talented Leonardo Bartelle. After 30 years in advertising, working on brands like American Express, Qantas, Nike, ESPN, Subaru, Disney Pictures, Miller Brewing Co, Virgin Mobile,The SF 49er’s, and Dr. Martens. I’ve been able to work with the likes of Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Bo Jackson, Bret Favre, and Academy Award winning director Michael Bay.

Throughout my career I’ve been lucky enough to win major advertising award including several Gold Lionsand. My work for ESPN’s NCAA Basketball received two Television Emmy’s and Sportcenter was recognized as “Campaign of the Decade’ by AdWeek magazine. ‘Around the World’ was recently voted as the best Sportcenter spot of all time.

Now a new adventure awaits, Young& Hungry, Brazil

Leonardo Bartelle

CEO - Business Strategy

Extensive expertise in digital marketing. As a world-class advertising creator, I excel in collaborating with medium and large companies. My key strengths lie in building new businesses, crafting effective marketing strategies, and always being prepared for new challenges and opportunities.

Through my agency, I have earned certifications as a Google Partner and Facebook Marketing Partner, which require me to take annual tests on Google platforms. My certifications include Google Search, YouTube, Remarketing, Media Display, Media Programmatic, Google Ads (Shopping, Video, Display, App, Performance), Google Data Studio, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Search Console, Google Optimize, Google Shopping, and Campaign Manager. Additionally, I hold over 20 digital marketing certificates in areas such as LinkedIn Ads, Twitter Ads, Power BI, SEO, WhatsApp Business, Facebook and Instagram Ads Advanced, Social Media Metrics, WordPress, Shopify, Pinterest Ads, SEMrush, Social Media Planning, Growth Hacking, Microsoft Ads, Inbound Marketing, Google My Business, Google AdSense, Affiliate Marketing, CRM Management, Sales Funnel, E-commerce Planning, Lead Generation, Content Marketing.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Academy of Arts University – San Francisco, CA in December 2014.

Recognizing the need for deeper financial knowledge to better serve my clients, I pursued an MBA in Investment and Banking at IBMEC – Universidade de São Paulo, one of the world’s largest universities and the institution offering Brazil’s first MBA in finance. I completed my MBA in May 2021.

To further enhance my ability to serve clients, I earned a postgraduate degree in Digital Marketing Management: Strategy, Practice, and Performance, which I completed in July 2022. I continuously seek to update my skills, believing that ongoing learning is crucial for both my clients’ and my personal growth.

Living on four different continents has endowed me with strong communication skills and the ability to connect with people from diverse backgrounds. My experiences have fueled my passion for collaborating with individuals of varied educational and cultural backgrounds to tackle marketing and advertising projects.

I pride myself on my ability to communicate in a friendly and professional manner, build lasting relationships with people from all walks of life, and work diligently. I believe that continual learning and teamwork are vital to personal and professional growth.


We create jobs with a lot of interactivity, technology, marketing strategy, and creativity, but we never stop looking ahead, as we are committed to creating world-class work for our clients today and in the future.