Marketing Strategy and Digital Marketing

Biamar – Japan 2020

Millennial Fashion

  • Age: 26 to 34 years | 96% Female – 4% Mas | Class  B, C and A
  • More mature people, who like to be in fashion.
  • With good purchasing power and up-to-date in technology and fashion.Cris is 30 years old, single/dating, recently graduated and employed. She loves to travel and discover new restaurants and bars, but what she really likes is to buy clothes with personality and quality. She is always visiting malls to see new releases and follows the main digital influencers with whom she identifies.


Triplicamos os números de seguidores, interação no digital, leads e conversão. Aumentamos a taxa de conversão de venda vindo do online de 0,001% para 4%. Alémm de ajudar a bater as metas de vendas de veículos mensalmente.


Leonardo Bartelle

Eduardo Bartelle


Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing 

Our Target 

 – They believe that technology and innovation are important factors in their lives, they always want to be up to date with technology and Fashion fashion.

– They like to try new things that no one has tried before, new fashion.

– The cell phone connects him/her with the world.

– It has to be interactive. They want to talk about the brand to their friends, they want to show it to them and get their approval. Having an interactive experience and creating that conversational opportunity is important.

– Easy purchase price/value and for being unique, they are the main priorities at the time of purchase.

– Millennials they want to find online, try on in store, maybe buy in store, or buy later on mobile.

– Speed, convenience and a seamless buying experience are key.

– They don’t like to spend all day looking.

– They prefer the experience over the material, product.

– They create their own style, but what they want is for the brand to have a story, to be authentic.

– They are active online shoppers.

    Our main objective of the campaign was to increase the Market Share in the Serra Gaúcha, and consolidate the brand even more.

    Invest STRONGlY in actions and media that make the brand even more recognized, be TOP OF MIND.

    Using Influencers, aimed at our Target, offline actions with TV and Magazine and at the same time a greater investment in online to generate sales.

    All online actions were directed to our E-Commerce to generate sales and greater interaction with the end customer.)

    Campaign Video Japan 2020

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