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Google Ads 

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We create Google ads campaigns focused on lead generation promotion of offers and SALES, bringing results with fast dynamics.


Google Ads

Data Analysis

Digital Marketing 


Creative Process

We do a digital analysis of the client, from the website to its digital presence and its Google Ads campaigns, to see where we can improve its performance.

We analyze ads, keywords, negative words, clicks, impressions, conversion rate, CPA and ROI.



The first analysis is done on the website to verify if it is responsive and if we can use it for campaigns and if it is well structured to generate the conversion.


Thus, events/conversion made in Google Ads are correctly measured. In this way, we can analyze where the greatest lead generation occurs and which is the best campaign and keyword to make a more assertive investment.

Success Page

Every digital action must generate a “reaction”. We cannot create campaigns without aiming for results. Everything done digitally should lead to a successful page. In this case, the site has to be well done and with the correct success page to confirm the lead/conversion.

TAG everything you can

Whenever an ad is made, we “tag” that ad. All Google Ads, Remarketing, Display Media and Youtube ads, via Google Adwords, have their own link, which is directed to the success page where we will know precisely who converted, when, day and time. Because we use a tool that helps us in this marking and measurement.

Google Ads

Google Ads

In Google Ads ads, we divide how the search on Google is facilitated. For example, if it is a car dealership, we will make the ads for each car model with its respective ad and its respective keywords. All to a successful form/page. If you go to a clothing store for each collection, or type of clothing, such as blouse, pants, jacket, at the end of each one with its respective ad and your keywords sent to the specific page of the product or service you offer. We work exclusively by constantly checking how campaigns are doing and making them stay on the first page of Google search.

Data analysis

We use Google analytics to measure conversions along with the URL. We analyze the results and identify the campaigns that convert the most.

Who is Google Ads for?


You who want to sell more on Google ads generate more leads, conversion and access to your website.

You who want to have a better performance in your company.

You who want to have MORE SALES via Google Adwords.

You who work as a Digital Affiliate, are an entrepreneur and have a business and NEED TO SELL.


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