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We created a website with a new visual identity, focused on generating leads and promoting courses, in addition to a repositioning in digital, bringing results with a fast dynamic.


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Digital Marketing 

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Creative Process

IBMVET never received leads/contacts through social networks or the old website. The Site was neither mobile nor AMP.

Today we send an average of 5 leads per day to our client with a 5% conversion in enrollment. Excellent for the veterinary medicine segment.


Site change

As soon as we took over the account, we made the new website with a new design and focused on generating leads and making the online actions directed to these forms, to generate the conversion.


Thus, events/conversions made on Facebook ads/Instagram ads, WhatsApp Business, can be measured correctly and we can analyze where the greatest lead generation occurs and which is the best platform to make a better investment.

Success Page

Every digital action must generate a “reaction”. We cannot boost by boosting a post (apart from branding). Everything that is done in digital must lead to a successful page. The site has to be well done and with the correct success page to confirm the lead/conversion.

TAG everything you can

Whenever we make an announcement or post, they are “tagged/Tag,” and we name this post with day/course name. All posts from Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, Remarketing, Media Display, Whatsapp Business, Email Marketing, and Youtube have their own link. That are directed to the success page, and we know exactly who converted, when, day and time because we use a tool that helps us in this marking and measurement.

Facebook and Instagram Ads

All facebook sponsored posts are made on the Facebook Business/Facebook Ads platform, focused on Conversion and Engagement, directing to WhatsApp Business or the website Success form/page.

Facebook and Instagram Registration

The platform has the “Registration Generation” ad very suitable for this client, where we were able to make the announcement and already have a form within Facebook requesting: phone, email, and name. This is directly connected to the CRM and this data is immediately sent to the dealership, who passes it on to the salesperson and there the sale begins. It didn’t take more than 2 hours for the whole process. Receive the lead, enter the database and make contact with the customer.

Data Analysis

We use Facebook analytics to measure conversions along with the URL where we link to each post. We analyze the results and identify the posts that convert the most.

The numbers

We are growing with the numbers of followers, digital interaction, leads and conversion. We increased the conversion rate for enrollments coming from online from 0.001% to 5%.

  • cdigital conversion
  • returning visitors – 83%
  • Crescimento no Digital – 55%

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