Digital marketing and data analysis


Analysis of social media results, along with Google Ads and marketplace. Creation of interactive videos for lead generation and product sales in e-commerce.


Marketing Strategy

Data Analysis

Digital Marketing 



4D Movies

3D video creation

Creative Process

Data analysis and e-commerce performance.


Site Tools

As soon as we took over the account, the first thing we did was add the TAGs along with the analytics.


So we can measure correctly all conversions/sales made on Facebook ads/Instagram ads, Remarketing, and Google Ads. We can analyze where we have the most sales and which is the best platform to focus our investment on.

Success Page

Every action on digital must generate a reaction”, we cannot boost by boosting the post (apart from branding). Everything that is done on digital must lead to a successful page. So we can confirm the sale.

TAG everything you can

Whenever we make an ad or post, we “tag/tag” that post with day/product name. All posts from Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, Remarketing, Media Display, Whatsapp Business, Email Marketing and Youtube have their own link. That directs to the success page, and we know exactly who converted, when, day and time.

 Google Ads

In Google Ads, we divide each product model/brand with its respective ad and keywords. With four ads per product, maximum of 7 keywords per ad. In addition to the google shopping ads where everyone is directed to the product in the e-commerce. We have more than 20 ads on Google Ads where they are updated weekly with bid adjustments on words and negative on words that are not part of that ad group. We work exclusively in Manual CPA, so we always look at how campaigns are doing and make sure they stay on the first page of Google search.

Google Ads

the numbers

We increased the conversion rate for sales coming from online from 0.87% to 1.15%. In addition to helping to beat product sales targets.

  • digital conversion 2%
  • returning visitors – 77%
  • digital growth – 85%

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