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We created a website with a new visual identity, focused on generating leads and disseminating offers, in addition to a digital repositioning, bringing results and with a fast dynamic.

We created a website with a new visual identity, focused on generating leads and disseminating offers, in addition to a digital repositioning, bringing results with rapid dynamics.


Marketing Strategy

Web Design


Newspaper, TV e Radio

Creative Process

The Customer never received leads/contacts through the old Site as it only had photos of Toyota vehicles and no form. The Site was neither mobile nor AMP. The images were old, and the only form on the Site was on the contact page. In this way, the Customer had to give ten clicks to reach the objective. That is, they lost contact timing and abandoned the Site, generating a very high bounce rate.

Today, we get an average of 10 leads a day to our client with a 4% conversion to sales. Excellent for the segment.


Site Change

As soon as we took over the account, the first change we’ve made was to change the website to generate leads and make the online actions directed to these forms, to generate the conversion.


Thus, events/conversions made on Facebook ads/Instagram ads, WhatsApp Business, Remarketing and Google Ads are correctly measured. In this way, we can analyze where the greatest lead generation occurs and which is the best platform to make a more assertive investment.

Success Page

Every digital action must generate a “reaction.” We cannot boost just for boosting a post (apart from branding); everything done in digital must lead to a successful page. In this case, the site has to be well done and with the correct success page to confirm the lead/conversion.

TAG everything you can

Whenever we make an ad or post, it is “tagged/Tag” and named that post with day/product name. All posts from Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, Remarketing, Media Display, Whatsapp Business, Email Marketing and Youtube have their own link, which leads to the success page where we will know exactly who converted, when, day and time once we use a tool that helps us in this marking and measurement.

 Google Ads

In Google Ads ads, we split each car model with its respective ad and its respective keywords. All to a successful form/page. We have more than 30 ads on Google Ads where they are updated weekly with bid adjustments on words and negative on words that are not part of that ad group. We work exclusively by always checking how campaigns are doing and making them stay on the first page of Google search.

Google Ads

Facebook and Instagram Ads

All facebook sponsored posts are made on the Facebook Business/Facebook Ads platform, focused on Conversion and Engagement, directing to WhatsApp Business or the website Success form/page.

Facebook and Instagram Registration

The platform has the ad that makes “Registration Generation”, where we can make the announcement and already have a form inside facebook, requesting: phone, email, and name. This is directly connected to the CRM we have, this data is immediately sent to the dealership, who passes it on to the salesperson and there the sale begins. It didn’t take more than 2 hours for the whole process. Receive the lead, enter the database and make contact with the customer.

Data Analysis

We use Facebook analytics to measure conversions along with the URL Builder where we create links to each post. Finally, we see the results and the posts that convert the most.

Newspaper Ads

In addition to the digital part, we also do offline advertising with newspapers, radio and TV.

We believe that these media help support and generate sales, as we have a client that is not so young, and often not so Digital, but with good purchasing power and who are still greatly impacted by these channels. That’s why. we think it is very important to publicize it in these media.

Radio Spot 

We publish new spots monthly according to the offer of the month. We believe that Rádio has a powerful audience and an audience with very good purchasing power, in addition to being a strong automotive audience. Therefore, we always use this means of communication to advertise offers.

The numbers

We tripled the number of followers, digital interaction, leads and conversion. We increased the conversion rate for sales coming from online from 0.001% to 3%. In addition to helping to beat vehicle sales targets on a monthly basis.

  • digital conversion- 3%
  • returning visitors – 77%
  • Digital growth – 85%

 TV comercial and Youtube

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