Marketing Strategy and digital Marketing 


Millennial Fashion US

Age: 20 to 34 years | 90% Female – 10% Mas | Class A,  B, C

Hipsters, Urban Fit | young university student

With good purchasing power and up-to-date in technology and fashion.


Leonardo Bartelle


Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing 

Our Target

  • They believe that technology and innovation are essential factors in their lives. Therefore, they always want to be up to date with technology and Fashion.

  • They like to try new things that no one has tried before, new Fashion.

  • The cell phone connects him/her with the world.

  • Millennial Fashion – The Brand – It has to be social, interactive and personal.

  • Social is about them, their brand, their channel, what they believe in. The reality is if the Melissa look isn’t cool enough to post on my Instagram, why buy it?

  • It has to be interactive. They want to talk about the brand to their friends, show it to them, and get their friends’ approval. So having an interactive experience and creating that conversational opportunity is important.

  • It has to be personal. Fashion is an expression of them. Everything from the hair to the outfit is Fashion.

  • 34% buy something fashionable, be it clothes or accessories, prefer eco-friendly and self-sustainable shoes.

  • Price and brand value are very important when making a purchase. Once the product is unique, it brings an idea of ??being exclusive in the market, and the purchase increases to 92% because they are looking for it.

  • Easy shopping – price/value and exclusivity are top priorities when shopping.

  • Millennials want to find it online, try it on in-store, maybe buy it in-store, or buy it later on mobile.

  • Speed, convenience, and a seamless buying experience are key.

  • They don’t like to spend all day looking.

  • Shoes have to be comfortable, durable, and unique.

  • They prefer the experience over the material product.

  • They create their own style, but they want the brand to have a story, to be authentic and eco-friendly.

  • They are active online shoppers. The Good On You app talks about brands and is widely used by women between the ages of 20 and 30 in the US.

Project Objetives

Short Term

Increase online sales using Millennials as a primary focus.

Focus on online investment to bring more results, using new digital platforms.

Increase Melissa’s Buzz/Awareness in the US as a whole. With “events” and partnerships with “fashion” universities and influencers/blogs within the US.

All online actions were directed at E-commerce to generate sales and greater interaction with the end customer.

Long Term

The brand has considerably increased the number of loyal followers/customers and online sales during the project period.

The brand has greater relevance for the typical American millennial’s end customer.

Placing the brand in major markets such as loyalty programs and Affiliate Marketing.

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